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Perfect. Just perfect!

Can't wait for the beta!

Charlie Wood

Thanks! Us either. :-)


It looks promising. Will this only sync Events from iCal, or can we expect both Events and Todo's? Either way, it will be a nice step forward for a lot of Mac users. Keep up the great work!

Charlie Wood

Thanks! As soon as Google Calendar supports to-do's, we'll implement support for syncing them.

Jon Kantro

You guys rock! I can't wait to try this or hopefully I'll be able to try the beta!



John Milan

Great Stuff. I just wrote an article I hope will be published soon that reflects a bit on Trumba. I think you guys address some of Trumba's weaknesses with your approach.

Best of Luck to you.

Charlie Wood

Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback. I hope to have some good news this week.



cant wait too!


bring it now!!

what about realtimesync (push new/modified events/calendar everytime it is changed (as it is with broadcasted calendars with webdav))?


this is it! I want it now; i missed the private beta subscription, but I would love to test, is ther any way...? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lutz Cleffmann

That's what we were waiting for. When will it be available? Today would be ok, yesterday would be even better.

Tim Dunne

This will enable me to create a complete end to end solution to my calendaring. I can now have the same calendar on the web, my mac, my phone and my ipod! Yes!

Love Thyresson

Awesome, simply awesome.


I must have this =)

This application really deserves the judgement "Flawless".

Good job! Now I only can wait for the beta... =)

Charlie Wood

Thanks Kristoffer, but I can assure you there are many flaws in the application--that's why it's not shipping yet!

But the number of flaws is dwindling, and should very soon reach the point at which we're ready to start beta testing.


This is exactly what I've been waiting for to allow me to fully use Google Calendar in various applications I need a calendar for.

The cumbersome iCal / Google Calendar integration had been my show stopper.

There are good things about Google Calendar, but iCal still has many advantages that I do not want to leave.

So SpanningSync is exactly what I needed.

I hope you will open up the Beta testing soon.


I can't wait to beta test!!! I have been trying to do this for a while now...


Way too cool. I've been looking for something like ever since I started using gCal. Any idea as to whether this is going to support Hosted gApps? They use a slightly different URL structure... not sure if the API is different for working with them or not.


I realize that Spanning Sync has bugs =) But the idea is flawless. I cant wait to beta test it =)

All my devices will sync automatically as soon as this is released.

Will it be commercial, freeware or donationware?

Poncho Garza

I really like it. I just started using iCal, and this probably mean I am going to start using GoogleCalendar. I hope that if a an iCelphone is released, it has a sort of iCal on it. :) Keep it up, you got an asured user here.

Josh Smith

Finally a solution that will work for those of us that don't have our macs tied to our hips. Now all we need is group calendar systems - may be a possibility after Leopard is released. Can't wait to try it out.


OMG. Dude. Seriously.

This is the best thing ever. I can't wait to see it, and I hope Apple buys the rights to this from you and integrates it into iCal later. You deserve the money.



Very nice. I still need something on the windows end that is an application so I can sync at work too... but this is cool.

Hopefully it works w/ google for my domain users.


You people are brilliant! This is going to be the new essential application. Thank you thank you thank you!

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