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Very much looking forward to this - have been waiting for such a thing for aaaaaages - happy to be a beta tester.

Jon Hicks

I just can't wait. I've been wanting this SO much!


Great work folks.
It feels like this has been a long time coming - people have been talking about this type of tool since Gcal was introduced. Glad to see that you have come up with a solution that seems to be worth the wait. It looks clean, simple, and best of all - it works! MAny thanks for your hard work.


I think I love you!!! You have answered my prayers. Now can you create something to sync my BlackBerry 8700 with Gcal?? if you do I might just name my first child after you and make you the Godfather (don't tell my wife, she would lose it). Thanks, can't wait for the Beta.


This is beautiful. You guys are fantastic! Can't wait for the release.


Great work guys! This is what everyone is desparate for. Mainly because if we can get calendars synced in iCal we can then sync to our phones or PDA's.

I have some utilities to be able to post events in Gcal from Address Book. Our two efforts go together nicely. (http://ekive.com/blog/2006/10/19/google-calendar-add-utilities-updated/ )

Rahul Patwari

I've been looking for this program ever since gCal came out... finally found it. Thanks for making this. I think you'll have many customers, myself included.

Dan S. Pedersen

Standing applause from here!

This is one of the small apps that doesn't scream much, yet its implication in your everyday life and whereabouts on your Mac is of an almost limitless value and joy!

Keep up the good work; I am really looking forward to this stroke of genius!


Where is it possible to download it ?


Problem of translation.

I realised that it is not possible to download it now.

"Dommage" in french !

Shawn Blanc

All I have to say is "A-Mazing"!

Sebastian Dyhr

Would you be interested in a Danish localisation later on?

Charlie Wood


Yes! Please see the localization discussion at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/spanningsync/t/370aef4c3f06db72



This looks fantastic! Does it work with hosted google apps?


THis is what I have been waiting for, ever since Google Calender has been released!

Please get the beta out to the public as fast as possible! :-)

James M Woods


Great work, its obvious you've struck a eager audience and that you are going to provide a wonderful solution to addressing the needs of this niche. I love the quality of the demo as well. What software did you use? iShowU or SnapXpro?


Great!! Can't wait for the beta!!!


Looks great, I hope that i can use it before my second term at school starts.



Does anybody know if this effects the syncing between ical and the iphone. The iphone and ical i have found to be very finicky when syncing.

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