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Thank you! I just logged in and it told me that it was temporarily closed. Was a bit sad, but I understand that you all are trying your best to give us, the end-user, the best possible experience.

Hope all goes well with the new hardware.

Charlie Wood


Thanks for the kind comment. We're doing everything we can to build a great service, and your understanding makes that easier.



I look very forward to using this service. I hope you guys can open up the beta again soon! I don't know how long I can hold out. =]

Tubby Bartles

OK so this looks like an *ideal* way to test pricing. Limit the people who show up by charging a high monthly price to participate now when servers are tight. Lower the price every week as you get more servers on line. When it becomes clear that lowering the price again is losing you more in payments from existing customers (because you drop their pricing too, of course) than it's gaining you in revenues from new customers, you have your ideal price point.



Uh...say what? Why would they charge for a beta product? I've never heard of that before. I didn't even know that they were planning on charging for the finished product, but I've never heard of a company charging beta testers to use their incomplete product. That's insane.


We want it, NOW ! ;)


Since this service is a killer app (amho) I look forward being able to use it! It might be the greatest way to keep all my associates informed...



I'm just wondering why data has to pass be processed by any of your servers anyway. Why does the client not communicate directly with Google Services? Other than that I'm really looking forward to check this out - it might even replace .Mac syncing for some of us (I hate .Mac syncing - it's the most unreliable thing on my Macs).


heheh, must feel great too though right? will keep my browser pointed in your general direction tomorrow...


mkummer, the only answer to your question that why the data have to pass through their servers is: "To keep the control of the charging price for this service". But maybe I can be wrong.


@Doug - Paying for beta? You're forgetting MS Vista.



I just discovered this app today, and it is the answer to many prayers. I love Google Calendar in that others at my office can see my schedule and make new appointments for me, etc. But I also need iCal to sync with my Palm handheld for when I'm out of the office.

This is the solution I've been waiting for. Can't wait until the new hardware comes online! :-)


Eagerly waiting for the public beta to open again...

I have a couple of UI issues I noticed. I'm not able to disable the menu bar icon because I'm not logged in. And I can't log in because the registration is closed.

Also, there was no button to submit the user details. Pressing the return key worked, but I'd still like to have a button in the UI.

Jack Bauer

Waiting with baited breath.


Likely the Spanning Sync servers need to translate the data so google calendar understands it. So they only have so much ability to provide great service to everyone able to use it.

What's another day or a few. When it comes, it'll be good.

Jim Hillhouse

I've waited since November for this product. I can wait another few days. What a great situation to have a beta come out and have it fly...of the servers. You guys have a killer app! Congrads!


Also noticed it's not possible to turn off the menu bar icon unless you've signed up already. A small detail. :)


um, so, the data passes through your servers, which might make sense (although I don't see why there is a technical reason why the translation logic can't reside in the application itself), but what you're telling me is that my *password* also passes through your servers? That seems kind of like a deal breaker to me.

While I see that you *kind of* address this in your "security" statement here (http://spanningsync.com/security/ ), this is, well, I'm sorry, totally unacceptable from a security standpoint. And if it's not a violation of goggle's AUP (i.e. sharing a password with someone else), I'd be pretty surprised.

I don't mean offense on this, but this strikes me as a pretty troubling example of business model decisions over-riding common sense security concerns. Using this application, as it currently stands, is roughly equivilant to handing out your password to a stranger. If I still worked as an IT admin, our security policy would have prohibited its use without question.

for what it's worth, there seems to be a relevant conversation here:


It isn't a violation of Google's AUP. If Spanning Sync is doing it right, Spanning Sync is actually using Google's own servers to authenticate valid Google accounts, as elaborated here:



Bummer. I've been looking forward to the Public beta. Any details on when it will be up again?

Charlie Wood


We've just placed the order for more server hardware at our hosting facility and will be configuring it as soon as it's provisioned. Once everything is set up, we'll open the public beta again. Hopefully that will be late today, but it might be tomorrow. I'll post more here when I have an update.


Charlie Wood


Thanks for the thoughtful post. Security is of the utmost importance to us, so we don't ever store your password anywhere other than on your Mac in your Keychain.

We've worked very closely with Google engineers in developing Spanning Sync. In fact, Spanning Sync is used by Google as an example of how to build applications that use the Google Data API's. (See http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/index.html and http://code.google.com/apis/calendar/overview.html.)

We continue to work with Google to ensure the privacy and security of our users' data. And once the AuthSub mechanism (which lets us access you Google data on your behalf without handling your credentials) supports Google Apps for Your Domain, we'll fully support it in Spanning Sync.

I'd welcome further discussion of privacy and security on the Spanning Sync Google Group.


Erik Grotz

Urgh, I waited just hours too long to register and now you are closed. Bummer, and of course you are popular! This is an ideal solution, but let me in!! ;)


How much longer must I wait for this marvel in syncing technology?!


@Tubby Bartles:

Uhh, whoa there.

When did I ever say anything about them charging for this service in beta? Since when does a service have to charge money to use? Every hear of other business models? GMail, GCal and may other Google Apps are great *services*, but I don't recally them charging for it. ;]

Regardless, I heard that beta sign-ups will be back today. I hope this is true!

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