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Doesn't work well at all!

I think that the servers are nothing supporting the demand.

1-45 mins to sync
2-forgot some events in iCal
3-I modified an event in google calendar, did a sync on computer, all the calendars in iCal got there colors change from one calendar...

I think that public beta is going to have to wait for me.

Charlie Wood


We'd appreciate a detailed problem report so we can find and fix the bugs affecting you. Please click "Reset...", then "Create report", and email the resulting file to beta@spanningsync.com along with a detailed description of what you did, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened.

We appreciate the participation of all of our beta testers in this process. With your help, we're making Spanning Sync better every day.



"We'll be adding some additional hardware tomorrow."

Haha, it looks like you'll definitely be needing it!

Don Nunn

Congratulations on reaching the public-beta stage of the application. I’m definitely looking forward to giving Spanning Sync a try—should make maintenance very easy on several calendars I publish for iCalShare. :-)

Mike Shear

Congrats on the public beta. But a weird problem. I installed on my intel imac and tried to sync. It seemed to hang for a long time, so i cancelled the sync. Then, preferences reported that the spanning sync preference pane was not responding, and then it disappeared.

I've uninstalled with your uninstaller, rebooted, then tried to reinstall. when i do, it says the preference pane im installing is already installed and asks me to replace it. i do, but it never appears.

the little "G" icon in the top bar is there, but when i click on "open preference pane" nothing happens. Id do a bug report, but i need the preference pane for that.

when i go into my library folders, there is no preference pane there.


Also, how long should an initial sync take? maybe i was just too impatient? is the slow sync just the overwhelmed servers?

Charlie Wood


Thanks for the report. Larry Hendricks will be in touch with you to work out the problem you've encountered.

Initial syncs can take a few minutes under normal conditions (there's a lot of data flowing back and forth, and Google has some rate limits on their end), but tonight we got absolutely crushed with traffic, so some syncs were taking as long as 45 minutes. That's just crazy, so we'll be adding some serious hardware to our configuration.

When we're back up to normal speeds, I'll post a note to the blog.


Shawn Blanc


I've been watching for a while waiting for the public beta to come out. Thanks guys!


I managed to get in on the public beta before the service was closed and I hit an issue. I informed Charlie Wood at Spanning Sync, who within hours had found the problem and put a fix in place. This is great service, not something you find everyday in the IT industry.



This is a dream come true. Thanks for all of your hard work. I'm anxiously awaiting the server update so I can start using this great service.


I have to admit, I'll miss being one of the chosen few private beta users. But I guess it's not nice to be selfish :).

This is a fantastic product. Good luck with the public beta!


I don't get it. Why would a sync to google calendar servers cause your server to go down? What are you doing that requires you to see our syncs?


The previous post (doesn't seem aware of how spanning sync works?) & the overload on public beta day ONE brings just another thought (& I don't mean to be negative or counterproductive; the concept of spanning sync is excellent) :

The cost of the service & the strategy around making data transit via your servers (instead of directly between end user & google) has been adressed previously in the forums (not by me ;-) ).

One fear that I see come true was that of server overload. I don't know what the mac user base is . But if, hypothetically speaking 10% of quarterly mac buyers decide to go Google/ical/spanning sync 'cause they've heard it was soo way cool, that's potentially more than 100 000 ADDITIONAL users (160 000 last quarter actually!) every QUARTER that might decide to sync daily, every 10 minutes!!!!. OK add on them servers to absorb the requests but this will be a neverending story until the commercial concept doesn't make sense anymore because of a free/built-in alternative.

Why don't you just let everything transit freely on the internet superhighway rather than squeeze the data through a bottleneck before it gets back? Further, what of overseas users, who risk slower access times due to distance... I'm sure this question has been asked before...

I've read of real-time updating being the reason, but i regularly use firefox, cyberduck & loads of other apps that regularly check themselves for updates & install them automatically without ANY user intervention other than clicking yes/no/later/leave me alone !!!

IMHO, you should try to move towards direct user-google connection. People WILL update-upgrade if necessary & be happy to pay the price once additional features justify it. You will reach a MUCH WIDER user base this way.

As I said...Just a thought...

I have to wait for the public beta to go back online though; didn't even manage to get there!!!



Wow, so basically everything goes through your servers?

I was really excited about this product but this seems very weird. Is there any technical reason for this?

Charlie Wood


Yes, we act as a gateway. It would be technically possible to do everything we're currently doing only on the client, but we plan to include sync between other systems in the future. When a user wants to sync between two hosted systems (e.g., Google Calendar and Salesforce.com) the sync engine has to be server-based. We only want to build our sync engine once, so we built it as a server application. It's more expensive for us that way but we think it will pay off in the long run, especially as more applications move to an on-demand model.


Grant Griffiths

I have tried to download the program realizing the server is down. But, when I go to open it I get one of those nasty little errors. Any help would be great. Using a MacBook Dual 2 Duo

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