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a couple of feature requests :

* add an option to load at startup
* log generation is something fails
* ability to sync more then one iCal with the google calendar.

what are the chances of you guys making the same magic happening for address book ?? it would be the coolest thing in the world to be able to sync that with google..!

Jeffrey Lee

Love the icon/logo!

Wish you could sync two remote calendars with one local calendar (if that is even possible).

Also, color syncing (even just selecting) through spanning sync would be awesome.

Charlie Wood


Thanks for the feature requests. I think we may already havetwo of your three covered!

"An option to load at startup"--Spanning Sync actually runs as a background application, and does load at startup. Once you set your preferences in the pref pane, it periodiclaly syncs in the background. To disable automatic syncing, either uncheck the "Sync with Google Calendar" checkbox, or select Manual.

"Log generation if something fails"--We o a lot of logging (especially in the current beta), but I assume you mean a user-readable log. Good idea. We'll put it on the list.

"Ability to sync more than one iCal"--You can sync as many iCal calendars with Google Calendar as you like. But maybe you're asking for the ability to sync multiple iCal calendars with a single Google calendar? We're looking at that for v1.1


I'm glad you like the icon. As you might imagine, it was the subject of much controversy in the (virtual) halls of Spanning Sync, Inc.

Color syncing (or selection) sounds like a great idea. We'll put it on the list.

Thanks again for the great suggestions.


Simon Iannelli

OT about the new icon: Maybe it's just an optical illustion because of the reflection but the icon doesn't seem to be perfectly round.


P.S. bidirectional syncing doesn't work here either. Do you need more reports on that? (I can imagine you have plenty of these)


**GREAT** New logo.

Since the logo doesn't imply only the calendar (nothing relates to the calendar just by looking at the logo), is this to mean that in a future release we will be able to sync other stuff, like for instance the Address Book with our gmail contacts ;-) (that would be awesome, BTW)

And one more thing, when we configure the synchonization, would it be possible to add an option to Rename the Google Calendar to which we synchronize, so we could have both names identical, just a tought.


PS: will test the new version as soon as I get home !


Thanks for this product! This is awesome. I've been waiting since I first heard about it in November for the public beta to be released. I'm thrilled with it!


It even works sweeeeetly with quicksilver's iCal module. Fantastic!

Mel Matsuoka

This thing rocks! Great work!

I do prefer the old icon, however. I already have 2 other sync icons in my menubar (Chronosync and .Mac), so having yet another one that looks almost the same as the others can get confusing often.


I'm still getting the ambiguous message "Spanning Sync encountered an error" when I run the setup.

Do I have to wipe my Google calendar and iCal clean before it can successfully connect?


Any word on whether this is likely to be a one-time purchase, or a recurring subscription? I can see arguments for both...

Charlie Wood


No, you don't have to wipe your calendars before starting. Please create a report and send it in by following the instructions here:



We'll have both annual subscription and one-time payment options. See the updated FAQ at:



David C.

I love the new icon. Sooo slick.


Charlie, there is no way to file a formal error report. The error isn't contained in any pop-up notification. The error message contained in the preference pane itself, under the sign-in forms.

The best I can do is give you a screen shot:



Takuro: This error was discussed in the comments on the blog posting two down. Check that the timezone is set correctly in the main settings in GCal and on each of the individual calendars.


All calendars are set to GMT -5:00 Eastern time, which is the correct time zone. I don't see what the problem could be.

Micael Bolognini

Doesnt seem to work:
WARNING: BestCalendarDateFromString - can't interpret: 'Wed 07 Feb 2007 01:54:15 -800'
get this error all the time.
and I dont think it syncs reoccuring events ...

Mike Shear

Hey Charlie,

The "Last Sync" time and date dont seem to work for me.

In other words, its now Jan 7 at about 6:15 am, and it says the next sync will occur at 6:20 am. But the "last sync" time still says: 2/6/07, 6:53 am, which is about 24 hours ago. ive got it set to sync every 30 minutes

i havent made a lot of changes in the calendar, so i cant tell if its really syncing or not. but if it is, that first date isnt changing.


Charlie Wood


Where are you seeing that warning message? That doesn't sound like a Spanning Sync message. Also, if we hadn't built support for recurring events (and exceptions and detached events) we would have been done two months ago. :-)


Kyle Hayes

I like the new logo! This software works great. The many months of anticipation and patience has finally paid off. Thanks for making a great OS X product!

Micael Bolognini

But I still dont seem to get the syncing to work.
I dont seem to get the changes back on my other machine. The new event shows up on google calendar, but doesnt show up on other machine.

Thomas Hagens


Couple of questions; you may already know the answer to these.

a) Syncing did not work with the version I downloaded yesterday. However after I uninstalled it, when I clicked on the version v1.0b12 and installed this version, syncing seems to work fine, however the version does say v1.0b13.

b) Syncing does NOT get any events from google calendar with specific times alloted to them. Syncing only gets 'all day' events from google calendar.

Thanks for an amazing app.

Thomas Hagens

Do ignore my last question. Syncing now works GREAT! It must have been a server issue.

Thanks again for a simply great app!!


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