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Simon Iannelli

Thank you so much for the attendees-workaround!

Charlie Wood


You're welcome! I decided that Google's and Apple's attendee subsystems are dissimilar enough that it doesn't make sense to try to force them to sync with each other.

The way it works now, as I assume you've discovered, is that Spanning Sync will keep whatever attendee (and reminder) information is in each system, but keep them separate. I think this is a much better design, and should solve many problems our users have had with meeting attendees.


Michael Lach

I'm surprised about Entourage support. If I use Sync Services in the current version of Entourage to sync with iCal, and then SpanningSync to sync iCal with GCal, I'll have problems?

Charlie Wood


We're surprised too--it should just work. But we've gotten reports from multiple users of Entourage database corruption, so until we can reproduce the problem and come up with a fix we're recommending that Entourage users not use Spanning Sync.

If you've used them together successfully in the past, we'd like to hear from you. (Send us an email at beta@spanningsync.com.) The more data points we have, the faster we'll be able to track down this problem.



Is this bug a problem with Entourage in general or only when Entourage is being used to sync with iCal? While I have Entourage installed and use it for work email I do not sync my calendar with it. Instead I use the Missing Sync to go Treo>iCal>GCal. Does the Entourage bug apply in the usage case?

Charlie Wood


This bug should only affect users who are syncing Entourage with iCal. If you're using it for mail only, you should be fine. Thanks for helping clarify that.



What about support for Google Apps for Your Domain calendars ?

Charlie Wood


Good question! So good in fact, it's in the FAQ! :-) (at http://spanningsync.com/faq):

Q: Does Spanning Sync work with Google Apps for Your Domain?
A: Yes!



Since the new version, nothing happens. Really, I enter my user name and password and then....nothing. I can't even open SS with the option trick to get the log. Nothing. It all worked fine previously.


ps. I tried all thie tings posted before, too. Like uninstalling, removing all remnants of SS, Logging out, shutting down.....whatever. No go.

Charlie Wood


If you're able to log in, please create a problem report (by opening Spanning Sync, clicking "Reset..." and "Create report") and email it to beta@spanningsync.com along with a detailed description of the problem, including the titles of any affected calendars and events. That will help us track down the issue.

If you can't login (and therefore the "Reset" button isn't active), please locate the file at ~/Library/Application Support/Spanning Sync/sync.log and email it to beta@spanningsync.com along with a description of the problem, and we'll get it taken care of.



Congratulations for this great program. I have a issue but i don't know if it is normal.
If i delete a calendar in ical, and i sync with your program, all my calendar is deleted in google calendar. Is it normal?


Charlie Wood


We've isolated this bug and fixed it in the version bring released this morning.


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