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Freddie Blicher

I use iCal for my "getting things done" system. I enter all my new tasks into the To Do list in iCal. Is there any way to sync my To Do list in iCal with Google Calendar?

Freddie Blicher


Charlie Wood

Mr. Blicher,

Currently Google Calendar doesn't have an integrated to-do list, but as soon as they do, we'll add task syncing. We're also looking at other ways we might accomplish the same thing. Watch this blog for announcements of new features as they become available.


Freddie Blicher


Thanks. That's great. That's the one feature I think is really missing from Spanning Sync. Otherwise, I'm very happy with the software.

Freddie Blicher


Joey Ivans

... So... How 'bout that Gmail task list? Update for this please? Yes, no? :o)~

Charlie Wood


No change--we're still waiting for an API from Google. For more on how you can help pressure Google to provide what we need, see http://groups.google.com/group/spanningsync/browse_thread/thread/3ba75aecef25df40



Any news on syncing Google tasks with iCal's To Do?

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