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I have a somewhat unusual situation. We have been .mac/.me subscribers for many years. We have a little family website and have used the .mac email addresses for many years. My wife and I sync our computers and her iPad through .me. We have also been Sprint users for years, with 5 phones on our plan and it would be too difficult and expensive to switch to ATT. I received an HTC EVO for Father's day and love the phone. With SpanningSync I am able to sync with my Macbook Pro to the HTC EVO through google and the Macbook syncs through .me to our other devices. It is working out great! Please use my discount code 7EE93E. This is a great product!

Dr Joseph Gonzalez

I am having issues with using 9 calendars (all under ONE gmail account). Spanning sync only sees 6 of them.

Example, I created 9 calendars in iCal and 9 in gCal. All with matching names (ex. iCal has one called "Family" and gCal has one called "Family"). Yet, when I try to match the calendars together in Spanning Sync, It only sees 6. That means 3 calendars don't have matches and then don't get synced.

What gives?

Charlie Wood

Dr. Gonzalez-

Please contact support@spanningsync.com. They'll be able to gather the information needed to diagnose and fix the problem.


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