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Mark Taber

Nice — how do registered users of the current versions of Contacts Cleaner and Calendar Cleaner upgrade to these new versions? Do we have to pay $4.99 apiece to buy an upgrade from the App Store, or will there be a way to upgrade from within the current non-App Store versions? I love these apps and use them all the time -- just don't think it's fair that those of us who supported them early on should have to pay the full new product price to upgrade them.

Larry Hendricks

Mark, we won't make you pay for updates. The plan is to fix a few bugs that have come to light since releasing the App Store version, then release updates to it and the Spanning Tools for Mac suite. This should all happen within the next few days. Thanks for you support!


What about SyncTuneup - is that coming to the app store?

Charlie Wood

We'd love to get Sync Tune-Up on the Mac App Store, however it uses some private APIs which Apple doesn't allow, so it's not allowed on the Store.



How about offering it here then individually so those who purchased via the app store can get it without repurchasing the other two? Thanks!

Charlie Wood

We're working on a way to do just that. Stay tuned!


Ignacio Prieto

After one week using Spanning sync 3, I have discovered a very important thing: When you make changes in your macbook Address Book, the synchronization doesn´t transfer those changes to the google account, it only works if you save the changes in your macbook closing the aplication "Address Book" and then you can effectively sync with spanning sync.
Greetings from Spain
Ignacio Prieto


I would really like to see Contacts Cleaner scan for and offer an option to remove "Duplicate URLs". Keep up the great work!



I am using your calendar cleaner app. I continually show 36 "bad recurrences" and no matter how many times I "fix" them they never go away. Any suggestions?

Charlie Wood


We need to collect some more info from you. Could you contact support@spanningsync.com?



Will you be able to support the sync for groups between address book and google?

Charlie Wood


We'd like to see groups syncing supported, but I can't make any promises about unannounced features.



apple will upgrade automatically all accounts to the new mobileme at 05.05.2011. What can I do after that time?



Link: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4037

Charlie Wood


Unfortunately it may mean that you'll only be able to sync your MobileMe calendars one-way (to Google, see http://is.gd/4TFcBJ). We're working on a solution but we can't any commitments as to when it will be ready.

Frank Lehner

I'm using Calendar Cleaner on a macbook pro, running osx 10.6.8 I've been trying to scan a SalesForce calendar on my iCal. It notes some 1200 entries (clearly salesforce and ical have issues). I do not have iCal open. That said, Calendar Cleaner has been scanning this calendar for more that 3 hours and it's only process 750 or so entries. Is this normal? Direction? Suggestions? thanks

Wael Reda

I have been trying to implement Contacts Cleaner on my Mac OS X v.10.8.3. Everytime I change something, and then Rescan, it reverts to the original number of conflicts and reverts all changes. I currently have my iPhone sync my Contacts via my iCloud account. I have also set up my iCloud as the default account on my Mac. What am I doing wrong here??

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