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Jim Gottlieb

I'm still unclear on what will work and what won't. I never use MobileMe to access my calendar. I use Spanning Sync to get my calendar to MobileMe merely for its over-the-air syncing to my iPhone. So am I still OK?

I use both Google Calendar and iCal on my Mac to enter events. If I'm entering an event manually or I'm using a computer that is not my own, Google Calendar is my preferred entry vehicle. However, I find iCal is best when entering an event from Mail.app (thanks to its smart date processing) or from a website that sends me an ics file. In addition, I need Google Calendar to have the information so that I can publish my schedule for all to see.

This all means that I do really need both (at the very least I need events in the Calendar app on my phone and on my public Google Calendar page). I know the iPhone has a way to sync from Google Calendar but I am told this is read-only, which would be quite useless to me.

Can not pressure be placed upon Apple to allow third parties to be able to continue to sync to MobileMe?

Larry Hendricks

Jim-- You can indeed sync Google calendars directly to your iPhone and it's not read-only. It works seamlessly, actually. The setup procedure is documented here:



The reason I don't use Google on my iPhone as Exchange is I can only have 1 exchange account.

Mark Knick

The only reason I used Spanning Sync was the google cal could be shared. Now tell the truth, Apple wants everyone to have a mobile me account. That is the real deal. How much did Apple pay you to not develop a new version? More corporate manipulation.

Reuben Partida

Well, the reason I used Spanning Sync is that MobileMe does not sync with Exchange; I have to sync with GoogleCal, then use Spanning Sync to get that onto my MobileMe calendars.

MobileMe's Control Panel says it supports exchange, but in actuality, what it does is download the MobileMe calendar(s) and THEY can sync with copies of themselves in outlook. The primary outlook calendar DOES NOT SYNC with MobileMe, so any emailed events would not be added to the MobileMe calendars unless manually dragged and dropped. Defeats the whole purpose, and demonstrates the need for SpanningSync.
This is frustrating, now as I have no way to get my work calendar viewable on my personal Mac/iPad.


Apple gives and Apple takes away.

I'm really disappointed. I can see why they would want to push everyone to their own walled garden, but right now, spanning sync was the best option to do all the required calendar sharing with google and non-mac users. Stink.

Bert Shure

Great summary.

I use spanning sync to get my contacts and calendar to google, and from there to my Android phone. it works great.

i get huge value from spanning tools to help find problems in my calendar or calendar. this saved huge hassles.

i turned off syncing to mobileMe on my iPad and had it switch to google. everything works.


Luc Van de Vyver


Maybe good news for you (and others).

I don't know when the change happened, but you can have multiple exchange account on your iPhone and iPad !

I have an exchange account for work stuff (email, agenda)
And another exchange account to sync private contacts with google.

For the private gmail sync I use an imap account, where I use a tweak to be able to send from different user-domains.

For private calendar I use a regular gmail setup

Seems to work great now for a few weeks.

I have to check how my iCal and othe mac osx apps fit in, but to be honest ... I use mail and calendar mainly on iPad, iPhone, and in the browser (gmail) on my mac. Maybe spanning sync still plays a role in syncing google with my mac-apps?

Hope this helps?
Always looking for optimisation.


Melle Slotema

To my dismay, I noticed that it didn't work anymore. the reason why I chose Spanning Sync is the following: I chose Android over an iPhone! I don't want an iPhone.

I use and love my macs, and they sync with MobileMe (keychains and all). But having an Android, made Spanning Sync the only tool that really worked for me: addresses and calendars, thru google on my Android.
Now they managed to mess that up too. I hate it.

I made a explicit choice not to own an iPhone. I really hate the way Apple controls every aspect of the iPhone (I have an iPod Touch)
It is my device, not theirs!

Now it doesn't work anymore, and I can start looking for a new alternative. This sucks big time.

The moment they make the App Store mandatory on their computers as well, I will abandon Apple.

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