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David Hassell

So then what's the solution if you want to use iCloud for your contacts between your Mac/iPhone and ALSO sync your contacts with Google?


Hi Larry,

Thanks for the writeup. Unfortunately I'm not quite getting my head around it.

Here's my situation: I do all of my mailing and calendars through Google. So what I've been trying to do is to use Spanning sync to sync my contacts from Google back to my Mac and I'd like to use iCloud to sync the contacts from my Mac to my iPhone. Is that possible?

Thanks very much

Larry Hendricks

Osturm- unfortunately no, there's no way to sync iCloud contacts to Google using Spanning Sync. In fact I don't know of any software or service that does this.


Osturm and Larry:

Could you not use SyncMan to do this sync?

It doesn't sync "from iCloud," per se, as I understand it, but it does sync from the Mac's local Address Book. Which for all intents and purposes has the same exact data, yes?


I have been using Spanning Sync for 2 years, but when I started my computer, I was asked if I wanted to join iCloud. I said yes, regretfully, because now it won't synch with Spanning Sync. I deleted the connection between my iCal/address book and iCloud and it wiped my iCal completely and my address book has no groups now.

Then I tried to use Spanning Sync to replace the lost iCal data and it wouldn't pull anything from google to place in my iCal. (but i checked and my calendar in google is still intact... so is my Android phone, thank goodness!)

Please help me to get Spanning Sync to work on iCal again. I am backing up my computer now so that I can completely dislodge iClouds sticky fingers from my valuable information!

Ulrich Strauss

First: @David: You can directly Sync Contacts from your Contacts app on Mac by enabling "Sync with Google" in the Accounts tab. Sync works flawlessly in both directions.

Second: @Larry:
Thanks for your post and it is sad to hear that Apple forbids such actions. Still I think Apple is going in another direction with iCloud since they released the full caldav urls including authentication instructions in a KB article. While this may only be thought for older OS X versions to support iCloud in calender / adressbook application this should enable any other program to also access iCloud calenders read write style. Please correct me if I am completly wrong here.

Andy Burchett

I did that. I have one iCloud calendar left but it won't let me delete it, so I renamed it. I'm still getting the "Will only sync one way" message and when I selected multiple calendars to sync Spanning Sync/System Preferences crashes. Any ideas?

Andy Burchett

Nevermind about the post I just did. It says it will only sync one way but it syncs both ways. I deleted the calendar that was making my System Preferences crash and re-made another calendar and that fixed the issue.

Gavin Brooks

@Ulrich - what is your contacts app? Are you talking about the mac address book? If so then I think you are mistaken - lion no longer allows you to sync your address book with google - only iCloud and Yahoo. If you are talking about the system preferences Mail, Contacts and Calendars - that has Gmail but does not allow syncing of contacts. Could you give more information about what app to use and how to set it up.



You said that iCloud "doesn't tell us anything about changes to iCloud contacts." But with that in mind… Could Spanning Sync poll iCould and look for changes?

If set on a timer, we could still one-way sync to Google contacts from iCloud using this as a workaround.

What do you think?

Account Deleted

There is one thing I do not get. The "Contacts Cleaner" and "Calendar Cleaner" are working fine, and my contacts and calendars are on iCloud.

Why not use the same engine on Spanning Sync and solve the syncing problem with iCloud?

Account Deleted

Just to let you know that I just started using another tool for syncing contacts that does support iCloud using the approach suggested by Mattbisme.

I'm (was?) a life-time subscriber :(

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