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Tubby Bartles

Sorry to hear that. I've been a long-time loyal user and would love to stay with it.

Can you give some more details about what we could expect when we see it not working?

Everything seems to be working, and I'd hate to miss some critical appointment. If I know "always add appointments on my phone instead of iCal" or vice-versa, then I know what I need to do, but this seems pretty cryptic.


Hi - lots of us aren't on 10.7.4 - i'm on 10.6.8 so my iCal is unaffected?

Charlie Wood


That's right--if you're on any version of OS X prior to 10.7.4 you will not be affected by this issue.




I'm also a long time user and paid for a "life version". Personally, I've found it hard to believe that the synching should not work and was intentional broken by Apple.

See, if I use Fantastical, my meeting gets transferred to my Google Calender and from there back into iCal with Spanning Sync.

If the bug is "only" for meeting created within iCal and can not be synced properly to Google then I think it should be outlined in your post above (thus giving users a chance to understand it and know what is not working).

In any case, the workaround with Fantastical works perfectly for now.


That's really disappointing. I hope this is a mistake on Apple's part, or if not, that they decide to reverse the change as soon as possible. Either way thank-you for having provided such superb software to-date, that does what it says on the tin with no fuss.


Today I got a prompt to update spanning sync which I did. I have been using 10.7.4 and had not noticed any problems. Can you tell me what the problems are? And, will this last update of Spanning Sync now begin to cause problems?


I have a OS 10.6.8. Does that mean my system is earlier and not affected? If my system is not affected, how do I keep using spanning when I got a message that my subscription has just run out?

Mat Kramer

Is there any way we can let Apple know we are affected by this and concerned about it?

Glenn Hoeppner

Can you elaborate on what "functioning correctly" means? Does it function at all? Is there some adjustment I could mentally be aware of like, "it works, but all events are off by one hour."

Waldo G

What is the Apple Radar bug that you've filed, so that we may proactively support it?


Hi, I'm with Tubby Bartles, I've been a loyal user for quite some time and have been very happy. For those of us that have 10.7.4 what should we be looking for? What exactly is the bug that caused you guys to give up?


One more question...if we some how manage to avoid whatever the issue is, will we continue to be able to download and use the software with our paid subscriptions?



That's alright for me, guys. I decided to give 10.7 a miss on our 5 macs as one of them is a core duo and is not supported by 10.7. So you'll work for me forever or until Apple produces a really compelling reason to upgrade.


I only use Spanning Sync for contacts; will that continue to work (so far it does not seem to be working on 10.7.4)?

Also, what about 10.8? The developer preview has been out for a while now, but you guys didn't mention anything about how Spanning Sync works with it.


Unfortunate news, but for me, this is just one more reason to stick with 10.6.8 as I have several Carbon apps that will no longer function under 10.7

Rob Allen


I actually use the contact sync and not the calendar. Any chance you can spin the contact syncing into a separate application if you do stop supporting calendar sync?

I like the contact element, as I can sync specific Address book groups, and can avoid replicating unwanted contacts google.

Apple and google independently do not offer this.

Andy Lester

So should we just punt on Spanning Sync entirely? Try to find a way just to do calendars? What are our options?

Jonathan Ruano

I'm a 10.7.4 user and, due to this announcement, I've checked out the current options both iCal and Address Book have.

Am I right in thinking it's now possible to access Google calendars and synchronise Address Books directly from Mac OS X? If so, does this mean Apple did it again and is kicking another third-party developer?

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